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Raven’s Challenge BATS Pre-Arrival Instructions

Raven’s Challenge Participants:

During Raven’s Challenge you will have the opportunity to utilize the Mobile Bomb Arson Tracking System (mBATS) to communicate information to your teammates and to the Bomb Management Center (BMC). mBATS is part of a continuing effort to improve and enhance the performance, capabilities and ease of use of BATS so that information sharing improves continuously.

1. Obtain a BATS account, if needed (application attached). Application_User.pdf

• The Army BATS Account Manager is James Poole: james.f.poole.ctr@mail.mil

• The Air Force BATS Account Manager is Michael Bernard: michael.l.bernard.civ@mail.mil

• The Marine Corp BATS Account Manager is Brent Loechler: brent.loechler@navy.mil

• The Navy BATS Account Manager is James Poole: james.f.poole.ctr@mail.mil

• For a Public Safety Bomb Squads’ BATS Account Manager, contact your Bomb Squad Commander

2. Set-up mBATS in the training environment on your smartphone and/or tablet (set-up instructions and user manual attached). mbats set-up instructions.pdf

For password assistance, email helpdesk-ostcs@atf.gov. For any non-password assistance, email USBDC@atf.gov . I look forward to working with you during Raven’s Challenge.

Thank you,

Matt Nollau, Special Agent
United States Bomb Data Center