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Raven’s Challenge BATS Pre-Arrival Instructions

Raven’s Challenge Participants:

During Raven’s Challenge, you will utilize the Bomb Arson Tracking System (BATS) and Mobile BATS (mBATS).

As a military EOD Technician or a Public Safety Bomb Technician you are eligible for a BATS and mBATS account.

To expedite registration and fully benefit from the exercise experience, please obtain a BATS account and set-up mBATS (Training) prior to arriving.

Before arriving at Raven’s Challenge:
(recommend at least 2 weeks prior)

1. Go to www.bats.gov.

2. Click on “Apply for a BATS account”.

3. Complete the on-line form.

a. See attached instructions: Download Instructions

4. Submit

5. After you receive an email with your login information, set-up mBATS in the Training environment.

a. See attached instructions. Download Instructions

USBDC team or Matt Nollau
usbdc@atf.gov or 256-261-7580