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Raven's Challenge 2015 took place in four locations, Camp Blanding Florida, Orinskany New York, Denver Colorado, and Elma Washington which is the home of Raven’s Challenge. We also hosted two maritime sites in the Puget Sound and Jacksonville Florida.

The exercise occured May 3-8 2015 at Denver, May 17 thru 23 at Camp Blanding and Jacksonville (maritime), 21-26 June 2015 at New York, Elma, and the Puget Sound (maritime). If your Bomb Squad would like to participate, simply go to the registration tab and sign up. Your team will be vetted and you will be contacted to coordinate your team’s participation.


2014 was a year when the Raven's Challenge series expanded from being run exclusively in the Pacific Northwest to being a nationwide exercise that involved multiple Federal, State and Local Bomb Squads and Military EOD folks, but expanded to some additional venues as well.

Added was a maritime event that involved the Port of Tacoma and Olympia, and utilized Military EOD (Navy and Army), and state and local marine and dive units.

Events also took place in Florence, Arizona, Huntsville, Alabama and the National Capitol Region. The events in 2014 involved over 1000 participants including staff and players. State and Local Bomb Squads, FBI SABT's and ATF Bomb Techs and Certified Explosive Specialists all participated during the period 22 June through 2 July.

In addition EOD elements from the UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the Bahamas participated and observed events as well, adding a more International flavor to the events.

Bomb Squad technology Vendors also participated at Seattle and Huntsville, bring in the latest in EOD equipment and assisting teams when possible down range.

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